Chmielna Public Realm Vision

A public realm design of Chmielna Street in central Warsaw.

A competition entry.

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To foreground, the surrounding heritage, a continuous carpet of crafted granite paving of natural stone in varied colour palette referring to the historic grain of cobbles was proposed. The stone sets of three different sizes create a setting for the architecture of this important street in Warsaw to come forward. 
The paving and the green pockets are the elements where the attention of this project is focused. The seamless surface and green network are to provide a backdrop for everyday life, supporting day and nighttime activities of this vibrant and popular area in Warsaw. The stone carpet creates a greater sense of continuity and connectivity with the neighbouring streets and spaces, reinforcing the area’s historic setting. 

Chmielna is the key pedestrian boulevard linking the old part of Warsaw with its contemporary centre. 


The call for the revival of Chmielna was brought about by the pressure from new uses and functions, and the need to adapt this strategic street to a contemporary definition of public space in the urban centre undergoing a rapid transformation. The proposed design aims to lend dignity to the existing spaces by increasing one's awareness of their physical characteristics. A network of the proposed green gardens offers residents and visitors much-needed greenery and places of respite in the busy environment. 
The critical element of the project is the reestablishment of a seamless surface connecting all spaces and creating a coherent environment. The project's objective is to make a suitable setting for the historic buildings through subtle and timeless design interventions;  the use of fine-grain granite sets, new green spaces and new seating and lighting.

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