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The Old Farmhouse 

The adaptive reuse of a group of buildings in rural Lincolnshire,

comprising a farmhouse, stables, and milking barn.

The Old Farmhouse - FINAL.jpg

As we move towards a more resilient and sustainable future, we need to adopt the circular economy model throughout the building life cycle, to reduce environmental impact.
In Lincolnshire, the main objective was to demolish as little as possible and make the most of the existing structures.
We proposed partial demolition of the existing farmhouse and retention of the majority of the existing brick outbuildings. The new house is composed of three volumes; western and eastern wings and the existing stables and barns, which create a brick link connecting both wings. The new structure is of block construction, clad in corrugated reclaimed galvanised sheets and reclaimed bricks.
We enjoy working with existing stories and memories, adding new chapters without rewriting an entire book, to save and celebrate the heritage of buildings and places. 
We work with existing structures using them to inspire the future, rather than seeing them as a part of the past.

This project has been developed with and for DOM Stay and Live.

The Old Farmhouse_Planning_FINAL OPTION 22.jpg
02 Lincoln-Arial-DJI0017_2.jpg

Photo by Voytek Ketz

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