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St Matthew's Upper Clapton 

The ‘Hall for All’ answers the needs of the community for an inclusive

space for people of different religious and cultural backgrounds. 


This project concerns social sustainability.

St Matthew's Church holds a special place in  local consciousness, and it has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary of worship. The original church was declared redundant, after being badly damaged by the fire and subsequently demolished, and the current church building is in urgent need of refurbishment. 

'Hall for All' is  a new community space for people of all faiths, and religious and cultural backgrounds. The main objective of the project is to secure the future of this local asset and its vibrant community.  An allotment garden in the churchyard is to provide an outdoor gathering area, supporting vulnerable residents and strengthening the community links.   


1 Drawing_Jul.jpg

Design decisions, planning and management of places can enhance, or restrict a sense of belonging. We work with local communities to protect, support and improve places they value, as the world around us changes we feel the strengthening of local communities and providing infrastructure for them to grow, becomes increasingly important. 

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