Richmond Place Plan

A strategic vision and framework to guide future public realm improvements in Richmond, to ensure it remains and grows as a healthy, safe, sustainable, vibrant and people-oriented place.

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A design team led by Steer and including AR Urbanism and Authentic Futures has been commissioned by Richmond Business Improvement District to develop the Place Plan - a strategic vision to guide future BID initiatives with recommendations for street, public space and placemaking projects. 

We were involved in this commission as part of
AR Urbanism, 
and we led an extensive public and stakeholder engagement programme that informed the proposals.

Richmond high street and town centre like many others is affected by global trends, climate change, Covid-19 crisis and local transport and connectivity challenges, what places greater pressure on the public realm, but also gives greater opportunity to promote Richmond strong outdoor offer - the River, the Green and environmental credentials.  

The Place Plan introduces public realm improvements with a multifunctional approach that offers the environmental, community and social benefits, 

as well as ones that are directly business-related.


‘London’s high streets and town centres have shaped the fabric of our great city. They are a focal point for our culture, communities and everyday economies. They support the most sustainable models of living and working, including active travel and shorter commutes. And they are where new ideas, new ways of living, new businesses and new experiences are made’ 
Mayor of London, ‘High Streets & Town Centres, Adaptive Strategies’

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J. M. W. Turner ‘The Thames from Richmond Hill’