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Mayflower Quarter 

As part of AR Urbanism, we are involved in developing a masterplan for Southampton's Mayflower Quarter - one of the largest regeneration opportunities in the UK.



Mayflower Quarter’s 84-hectare site, extending from Southampton train station to the waterfront and adjacent to the Old Town Centre is set to undergo a complete transformation.

Sustainability driven, 21st-century city urban design, led by AR Urbanism in collaboration with Tonkin Liu; public realm, Steer;  transport, Waterman; sustainability and others is to enhance Southampton’s reputation not just as a port city, but as a destination.

The bold vision for Mayflower is to provide world-class facilities for business, homes, retail, leisure and culture.

This redevelopment will also reconnect the area of the prime waterfront with the city centre and the train station. 



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