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Elsterska Placemaking & Play 

Promoting sustainable urban living; a new

public space in Warsaw's Saska Kepa district.


Integrating smart growth, environmental justice, and equitable development approaches to design healthy, sustainable, and inclusive neighbourhoods is crucial in strengthening the resilience of our cities and creating sustainable urban living models that are fit for the future.

This research project looks at opportunities to apply placemaking techniques to upgrade existing neighbourhoods to ensure they are community-oriented, sustainable and equitable. Saska Kępa in Warsaw is a leafy residential, district located east of the Vistula River. A strategy for the northeast part of the neighbourhood considers a network of interconnected green pocket spaces and public realm improvements, together with a new green connection linking the local high street with the park.


The community-oriented, pocket flower garden and allotments are located on Elsterska Street. The existing green stretch of land is defined by the line of historic villas and its heritage protected. This currently underused space would benefit from better maintenance and opportunities to strengthen communal links, to create a space where people can gather and take ownership of allotments benefiting from locally grown produce.   This strategic framework for improvement captures the existing qualities of Saska Kepa and its heritage and assumes a reduction of car-parking spaces, currently dominating the public realm in the area.

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