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Bromsgrove Town Centre Regeneration

A feasibility study and development options for key town centre opportunity sites, including a long-term strategy aimed at ensuring sustainable growth and socio-economic resilience of Bromsgrove. 

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This project considers development options for

high-quality (PRS), provision of new flexible workspaces for creative industries and businesses, including start-up incubators and micro-enterprises, community empowerment, sustainable public realm, transport and connectivity improvements, SMART CITY interventions, market and viability assessments and delivery strategies.


Bromsgrove is a historic market town that faces challenges posed by wider socio-economic changes. As part of AR Urbanism Aga leads the team of consultants, including Steer, PRD, Waterman and Redshell, in developing a feasibility study, for two key regeneration sites in the town centre, as part of an ambitious vision for Bromsgrove aimed at ensuring its ability to respond to future challenges. 

Innovative thinking is required to create transformational interventions enabling major social, economic and environmental benefits and strengthening Bromsgrove town centre’s vitality, vibrancy and attractiveness. The proposals, including a meanwhile strategy,  are aimed to bring a range of benefits to the community and deliver on three pillars of sustainable development; economic, social and environmental. 


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Bromsgrove Town Centre meanwhile strategy 


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